Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pat the Zombie

Anyone know Pat the Bunny? A sweet little touch and feel book for children. It's rather lovely.

Pat the Zombie, on the other hand, is not so lovely. And why should it be? Who said there was anything lovely about the living dead.

I was lucky enough to get a copy of this Pat the Bunny spoof. Not knowing quite what to expect, I was somewhat relieved to see the cover makes clear that this is for adults. NOT your little ones. And it is rather gruesome. Pat the Zombie is wrong in so many ways. It takes something so innocent, so pure and absolutely, utterly corrupts it. "Judy can gut the zombie. Now YOU can gut the zombie." Touch and feel sections where you can feel your Dad's putrefying face, stick your finger through Mummy's eye socket and more along those lines, Pat the Zombie feels... uneasy. Icky.

And that is exactly why it works.

It's actually quite creepy. The combination of childlike drawings and nasty situations just has this death of innocence feel about it all. Like the way a child can be much more scary in a horror movie. Because it's just wrong. But at the same time, for a zombie fan, seeing undead situations presented in this way just can't help being funny. Uneasy, but definitely funny.

I can see zombie fans lapping this up. This is for dads whose houses have been taken over by baby books. It's for dads who were made take down their favourite zombie posters in case they gave the children nightmares. Pat the Zombie will make the perfect gift for those dads. So look out for it. It's available from April and the official Pat the Zombie page is here - Pat the Zombie.

Just don't show it to the kids.

Monday, November 22, 2010

A New Beginning...

That's the thing with horror, isn't it? It NEVER DIES! Besides, you can't kill what's already dead.

I'm slowly cranking Too Many Zombies back up.

What I'm going to be doing for a while is indulging some little zombie whims. First up, zombies inspired by Tinchy Stryder's Game Over video. From there, well, I have a few ideas! But, if you have any requests, by all means let me know.

That first series, I really did for myself. And some enjoyed them, which is fantastic. From here, I'd love more people to see these. So if you could let zombie fans know that Too Many Zombies is back up and running with some brand new members of the zombie horder and an archive of over 300 zombies already here, I'd really appreciate it. Spread the word!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


And so it ends.

375 little beings, plus 5 special ones. Over a year of little zombies, little lives and little stories.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the blog and those who happen to come across it from here on. As for what now... I don't know. But this series is finished, all good things and all that...

Hope you enjoyed them!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I only noticed today that the last batch of about ten or so zombies have been posting with some weird scaling on them that made them look a bit rubbish on some browsers or resolutions. Turns out it was because I had switched to Google Chrome from Internet Explorer - the two browsers upload the images differently.

Fixed now though.

I'm at #360 now but I won't be finishing in five days. The last individual to be featured will likely be #375 as I have a few more to get out of my system. Hope you enjoy the last fifteen days!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Coming to the end...

Just a little over a month left on Too Many Zombies. Eleven months of zombies so far, one every day. I've had a lot of visitors and I appreciate each and every one.

Those of you who come here more regularly will know that I sometimes have little stories going, grouping the undead into a short series or sequence. Well, there's a biggie on right now that began with #321. This is one I have wanted to get to ever since I did my hospital series (back before I had even hit 100) - when the hospital is overrun, what happens in the emergency clinics?

I think you're going to like a few of the zombies that come out of that idea.

From there, there are a few I've wanted to get done before the end (I have missed one end of the emergency services, for example) and then I plan on a big finish. If you're around internet land, follow them each day to get the full story. If you only check every now and again, just bear in mind that they sort of read backwards if you start from the top of a page down!

Hope you enjoy the last month or so of Too Many Zombies!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Never Sleep Again

I have been reading quite a bit about Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy. Johnny over at Freddy In Space had great things to say about it and he's clearly a fan of the series. And it came with a poster signed by Heather Langenkamp so how could I resist?

I couldn't.

Of course. You probably had figured that out. Like it was a rhetorical question or something.

Never Sleep Again is a four-hour documentary on the Nightmare On Elm Street series. Yes, four hours. When was the last time you saw a four-hour documentary on a romantic comedy series? See, there is a lot to say about horror movies and a lot of people with a serious amount of passion for them, not least those making them.

In that four hours, the documentary covers eight films - from the original through Freddy's Dead, then New Nightmare and, finally, Freddy vs Jason. Almost everyone involved in those movies is interviewed, with some big name exceptions like Johnny Depp, Patricia Arquette and Lawrence (or Larry as he was called then) Fishburne. Actually, now that I think about it, I don't think Fishburne even got a mention and yet they were all talking about how great Arquette was... I wonder why..?

While four hours may seem ridiculous, when split between that many movies, I couldn't help finding myself wishing for more. For example, the make-up change that came with Elm Street 5 is mentioned in a throwaway comment but I would love to have heard more about that. And I'm sure there was much, much more to say about the original film. Some things seemed missed entirely, like Fishburne...

Nevertheless, it was great to see all the movies get covered. Aside from pre-release articles in the likes of Fangoria, there was never a huge amount said about some of those later films. Certainly very few insights from the people involved. And there was loads to talk about. It was especially fun hearing everyones take on Elm Street 2, the gayest horror film ever made (I'm sure it's not - I think there is a gay horror sub-genre out there but, in terms of mainstream horror, Freddy's Revenge takes the very gay cake).

Loads of insights and stories from those movies and what's great about the documentary is that I really felt I got to know some of those people. Englund himself, of course, but others too, like Renny Harlin for example or Wes Craven himself. It was especially interesting getting Craven's view on individual sequels.

And as if four hours wasn't enough, a second DVD includes loads more interviews from the same people covering even more topics. Including their thoughts on the recent remake.

If there is one area I felt it fell down a little it's in plain honesty. So they can all laugh about Freddy's Revenge and Wes Craven doesn't hold back (nor does some guy with a beard - not sure who he was), but when I hear cast and crew talking about how cool the 3D in Freddy's Dead was (it wasn't) or how great the cameos were (they weren't), I begin to question their honesty. Freddy's Dead was one of the worst films ever made as a result of some of those things people are telling me were cool. And the director, Rachel Talalay, was so involved in production of the other films (let's be honest, not all of them great), that it seems people were reluctant to come straight out and explain why that movie was as shit as it was.

And, when it comes to any movie, documentary or not, we're looking for drama. I certainly wanted the dirt dished on the shit films. Who thought what was a great idea and who knew they were working on something ridiculously shit? That honesty would have added so much more to the documentary.

As it is, it's a love letter to the Elm Street series for better or worse. Mostly for better. Certainly loads here for any Elm Street fan and a worthy tribute to a (sometimes) great series.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Who has featured Too Many Zombies...

I meant to do this a long time ago. It's a quick rundown of where I've seen my little zombies featured. If you spotted them somewhere else, please let me know!

One of the first zombie-related sites to catch my zombies on was A World On Fire, an excellent zombie blog. They say -

"It is a cute little site. If you are in the need of an undead pick-me-up, give it a lookover"

Another great (and very prolific) zombie blog to feature my horde was Brains Brains Brains. They said -
" WOW what a wicked site!"

One of the best horror blogs out there, Freddy In Space, featured Too Many Zombies as part of their 31 Days 31 Links series. The brothers behind the excellent Dead Meat novel project submitted it and said -

"Using the styles he knows, he brings us some great fucking artwork. His use of color and blending is fantastic and fits the style perfectly."

Thanks Chris and Patrick! That reminds me, I wanted to do an illustration for Deat Meat - I'll get to that.

One of the best drawing and illustration sites, Drawn!, featured Too Many Zombies right when I first started. They didn't say much about it but to get featured on a site that highlights actual artists and amazing talent was pretty special.

Just iPhone Art also featured one of my zombies. They said -

"Who knew they could be so lovably cute?!"

Lastly, my favourite of the bunch. Rue Morgue magazine is, as any horror fan would know, the absolute best horror magazine out there. To get featured as part of their Roadkill section in issue 96 is a really big deal for me. Thanks Rue Morgue!