Friday, September 11, 2009

Zombies Don't Run


Well, the latest poll on the Too Many Zombies site took me a little by surprise at first. You see, I was pretty sure there was only one correct answer. If it runs, is it a zombie?

Runs? Zombie? Of course not.

But... the first few votes were cast and they begged to differ. I saw several yes votes. That's odd, I thought. Something's not quite right there. Maybe I'm out of the loop. Maybe Zack Snyder beat George Romero over the head and the Dawn remake is now the definitive zombie epic. Who knows?

Little by little, the vote shifted. Normality was restored. And a sense of peace washed over me. 12 votes to 4. Zombies don't run.

Nice to finally have that sorted.


The Too Many Zombies Facebook page now has an overwhelming 6 members. 6 people can't be wrong, can they? So if you're thinking of joining it or are one of those 6 people, tell me what needs to be done with a Facebook page.


Layers, the app I've been using to create the little zombie pics, is giving me a pain in the ass at the moment. On my first gen Touch, it seems I'm having a real problem just opening the app and getting it to stay open. I think I may have too many images in progress for the app to load and it's just not stable enough to handle them. And, being on PC, there's no way for me to dump the full images off my device. I'm not sure what the status of the app is right now but, if you're using it too and having any problems, head here to the Layers site and ask for some help in an update so I'm not alone here!

In the meantime, however, Brushes has added layers functionality. I love Brushes and was using it for quite a while before Layers. So I may switch to Brushes. But the look is quite different, mainly due to the difference in brushes available. That image above was created in Brushes, not Layers, so you may see the difference.

I'm not sure what way that will swing.

Thanks again to everyone checking out the undead and passing on the page!


SawHat said...

Hey! I really like your artwork for the zombies, it's fun, creepy, cartoony, dark and light-hearted all at the same time.
A zombie a day is a great idea.

I stumbled onto Too Many Zombies while looking for some artwork for a card game I'm designing that involves battling zombies (free Print and play, no profit involved). I think your art would be perfect for it. Would you be willing to allow me to use it and possibly provide some other drawings to flesh out the game?

Thanks for the daily doodle, I check it every day.

Too Many Zombies said...

Hi SawHat,
Thanks for the interest. I'm really glad you like the artwork. On your request, the best thing to do would be to get in touch with me at my gmail address, which is toomanyzombies, and tell me more about what you're doing but, just on what you've written so far, it may not be possible for a number of reason. But drop me a mail anyway.

Brian said...

In layers, can't you just email yourself a psd version. You can't get them back to the ITouch, but at least you can bring them up in Photoshop.

Too Many Zombies said...

Yes, you can export as psd but, with a Mac and the viewer programme, you can get far higher resolution images. Now, I don't need high res images for anything I can think of but, once I delete them from my Touch, that rules out the ability to ever do that, if the need comes up at some point.

Brushes, on the other hand, allows you to get the source files even from a PC so you can pass them on to a Mac buddy if you ever need a high res version. That's a great feature.