Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Although is happiness something we should be wishing one another on Halloween? I don't know.

I'm right in the middle of my little hospital zombie series on Too Many Zombies and really had a hard time deciding what to do for Halloween. Part of me wanted to do a special Halloween zombie, but then I didn't want to interrupt the flow of what I'm doing at the moment.

I eventually decided not to do any special seasonal zombies at all. And then, yesterday, changed my mind. So I have added Hector Hallows, a seasonal victim and yet, hopefully, one that fits with the current flow of undead. But, for numbering purposes, I'm not counting him in the general order and will do the same if I decide to do any other seasonal zombies.

I do hope you get to watch some good movies this Halloween. Sure, there's Halloween itself I guess but why not pull out a zombie classic? Day of the Dead, perhaps.

Or, if you're feeling truly masochistic, Fulci's (sort of) Zombi 3 (Zombie Flesh Eaters 2). I haven't watched that one in a while. Maybe it's time I went back to it. After all, who doesn't love the zombie head scene?

Anyway, whatever you watch, I hope you have a good Halloween! But don't let your guard down. The zombie apocalypse could happen at any time. The undead don't break for holidays.

One last thing. There's a stunning zombie a day blog that puts mine to shame, from artist Timo Grubing and you'll find it here. Timo finally made it to a full year of zombies. What a journey. If you've got some time, browse his archives. There's some amazing work there.

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Jasie said...

I love your blog. Maybe this isnt what you're going for, but I think your zombies are adorable. Keep up the good work!

Happy--uh...have a spooky Halloween!