Friday, February 26, 2010

Over 200 zombies, over 50 followers

Over 200 zombies and still going. Man, I hope I've got another 165 zombies in me. I think I do. In a zombie apocalypse situation, there are going to be so many stories, so many different types of people.

One thing that occurred to me when I hit 200 was that I have very few hints that there have been active survivors, only victims. I did have one guy hiding out in a forest, Woodward, and have now brought in his brother with Woody Woodward. If you click on the family name tags, you'll sometimes see that I have connections and families that you may not have noticed before.

There will be more hints towards survivors. Though, really, they're going to get you in the end, aren't they?

That's how it works.

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