Monday, May 10, 2010

Who has featured Too Many Zombies...

I meant to do this a long time ago. It's a quick rundown of where I've seen my little zombies featured. If you spotted them somewhere else, please let me know!

One of the first zombie-related sites to catch my zombies on was A World On Fire, an excellent zombie blog. They say -

"It is a cute little site. If you are in the need of an undead pick-me-up, give it a lookover"

Another great (and very prolific) zombie blog to feature my horde was Brains Brains Brains. They said -
" WOW what a wicked site!"

One of the best horror blogs out there, Freddy In Space, featured Too Many Zombies as part of their 31 Days 31 Links series. The brothers behind the excellent Dead Meat novel project submitted it and said -

"Using the styles he knows, he brings us some great fucking artwork. His use of color and blending is fantastic and fits the style perfectly."

Thanks Chris and Patrick! That reminds me, I wanted to do an illustration for Deat Meat - I'll get to that.

One of the best drawing and illustration sites, Drawn!, featured Too Many Zombies right when I first started. They didn't say much about it but to get featured on a site that highlights actual artists and amazing talent was pretty special.

Just iPhone Art also featured one of my zombies. They said -

"Who knew they could be so lovably cute?!"

Lastly, my favourite of the bunch. Rue Morgue magazine is, as any horror fan would know, the absolute best horror magazine out there. To get featured as part of their Roadkill section in issue 96 is a really big deal for me. Thanks Rue Morgue!

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