Saturday, July 3, 2010

Coming to the end...

Just a little over a month left on Too Many Zombies. Eleven months of zombies so far, one every day. I've had a lot of visitors and I appreciate each and every one.

Those of you who come here more regularly will know that I sometimes have little stories going, grouping the undead into a short series or sequence. Well, there's a biggie on right now that began with #321. This is one I have wanted to get to ever since I did my hospital series (back before I had even hit 100) - when the hospital is overrun, what happens in the emergency clinics?

I think you're going to like a few of the zombies that come out of that idea.

From there, there are a few I've wanted to get done before the end (I have missed one end of the emergency services, for example) and then I plan on a big finish. If you're around internet land, follow them each day to get the full story. If you only check every now and again, just bear in mind that they sort of read backwards if you start from the top of a page down!

Hope you enjoy the last month or so of Too Many Zombies!


Brian said...

Love the daily zombie update - not sure what I'll do once the year is up!!

Thanks for the dedication to churning out the undead!!

Too Many Zombies said...

Thanks Brian,
Glad you've been enjoying them!