Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pat the Zombie

Anyone know Pat the Bunny? A sweet little touch and feel book for children. It's rather lovely.

Pat the Zombie, on the other hand, is not so lovely. And why should it be? Who said there was anything lovely about the living dead.

I was lucky enough to get a copy of this Pat the Bunny spoof. Not knowing quite what to expect, I was somewhat relieved to see the cover makes clear that this is for adults. NOT your little ones. And it is rather gruesome. Pat the Zombie is wrong in so many ways. It takes something so innocent, so pure and absolutely, utterly corrupts it. "Judy can gut the zombie. Now YOU can gut the zombie." Touch and feel sections where you can feel your Dad's putrefying face, stick your finger through Mummy's eye socket and more along those lines, Pat the Zombie feels... uneasy. Icky.

And that is exactly why it works.

It's actually quite creepy. The combination of childlike drawings and nasty situations just has this death of innocence feel about it all. Like the way a child can be much more scary in a horror movie. Because it's just wrong. But at the same time, for a zombie fan, seeing undead situations presented in this way just can't help being funny. Uneasy, but definitely funny.

I can see zombie fans lapping this up. This is for dads whose houses have been taken over by baby books. It's for dads who were made take down their favourite zombie posters in case they gave the children nightmares. Pat the Zombie will make the perfect gift for those dads. So look out for it. It's available from April and the official Pat the Zombie page is here - Pat the Zombie.

Just don't show it to the kids.


iZombie said...

friggin' awesome...

Catherine Meyers said...

Hello there,

This kind of reminds me of a more "adult" and "serious" version of Happy Tree Friends.

Btw, your blog is really good, if you are interested in a link exchange, I have a blog directory and would love to add "Too Many Zombies Companion", so my visitors come here as well.

Let me know!